Electrical Inspection & Testing Falkirk

We can provide electrical inspection, testing and certification to all domestic and commercial properties. For health and safety reasons, It’s important to ensure that your property undergoes annual fixed and portable testing, to minimise the risk associated with faulty electrical wiring and appliances. For commercial landlords in particular, you must comply with ISO Quality Assurance, otherwise you will run the risk of injury to your tenants, as well as invalidating¬†any insurance claims.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

In order to ensure safety and compliance, we can undertake testing of your portable appliances and provide the required documentation. With these applicanes being used on a daily basis, moving around the premises, they can become worn quite easily and therefore become unsafe for use. With this in mind, you must ensure annual inspection and testing of such devices.

Fixed Wiring Installation Testing

This covers circuit testing with the fabric of the building itself, for example the lighting circuits and socket outlets. Again, this testing may need to be undertaken annually, though could be less frequent depending on the environment – we can advise.

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